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Patient Services

The 3D Micro Endo team provide endodontic services for patients in Manhattan. The following techniques are common endodontic procedures. For specific questions about your unique case or the services we provide, please contact us or talk with the doctors during your consultation.

Endodontic Therapy (Root Canals)

RootCanal_1Endodontics refers to the health and science of a tooth's inner structure. Endodontic therapy, commonly called a root canal, can save a tooth from extraction. When the pulp and nerve within a tooth's canals become inflamed or infected, the tooth will die. To keep the tooth healthy, damaged pulp must be removed and replaced with a man-made substance. This process is called a root canal.

Canals within teeth come in all lengths and shapes, and some have odd curves or corners. Because the canals within a tooth are so small and dark, special lighting and microscopes are required for optimal visibility. Once a root canal is performed, a general dentist should complete the procedure by affixing a crown to the prepared tooth. While not all root canals are successful, the 3D Endo team have a 97% success rate due to our use of advanced techniques that include 3-d scans, microscopes, and rotary instrumentation.

Internal Bleaching

Internal tooth bleaching may be advised for cosmetic purposes or to precede a procedure, such as a crown or porcelain veneers. By bleaching a tooth internally, the coronal dentin becomes more translucent, allowing underlying white enamel to show through. We can bleach a single tooth or multiple teeth in our Manhattan endodontic offices.

Apicoectomy (Endodontic Microsurgery)

An apicoectomy, commonly called endodontic microsurgery, involves removal of infection from the tip of a tooth root. This procedure can be indicated when a root canal fails.